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We’re a customer experience agency, founded in 1999, that delivers excellent consultative and operational services. We’ve worked with a range of different companies, brands and organisations, locally and globally.

Everything we do aligns with our Customer Experience Principles, and it’s this framework that helps us to know what makes your customers tick and how we can streamline their experience.

Over the years, we have helped brands such as VELUX, Dulux and WD-40 build better services and, more importantly, better relationships with their key customers. Our team boasts diverse specialisations, which means we’re able to handle the entire project lifecycle. From crafting initial strategies to the day-to-day management and development of your services, we can look after existing customers and help you nurture new ones.

Our in-house experts work as an extension of your team and work hard to manage customer satisfaction and build loyalty. 

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Find out why

Over the years, we have identified 8 Customer Experience Principles which consider accessibility, functionality and emotional responses. When these three elements are harnessed and co-ordinated, they create an experience that stands out, is remarkable and builds a close relationship with your business.

Alongside this, we have carved out 34 Behavioural Biases with the help of the Psychology Department at Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University. These biases help us to understand why people think, feel and behave the way the do. The Diversity Behavioural Biases Framework is used in all that we do to improve understanding and connection with your customers.

Our goal is to collaborate closely with you, our brand partners, and function as an integral part of your business, delving into the psyche of your customers and carving out meaningful, personal relationships.

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Read more about our commitment

We aim for success that’s good for not only our business but also for the community and the planet.

  • We offset our 2022 emissions – by planting 5oo trees, we have removed the equivalent of 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 
  • We joined SME Climate Hub in 2023 – a global initiative that empowers small-to-medium-sized companies to take climate action and build more resilient businesses.

Sustainable initiatives for 2024

While there’s still much to learn and develop, we’re actively taking green steps toward building a more sustainable future.

  • Measuring our carbon footprint from 2023, so we can continue to be mindful of what we use in our offices and move closer to our sustainability goals.
  • Through the SME Climate Hub, we have committed to lowering our impact on the environment through authentic action and have made the agreement to halve our emissions by 2030.
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Meet the Team

Get to know the faces behind the strategy, set up, day-to-day management and growth.

  • Jamie

    Jamie Warnock

    Jamie or J, our developer who has been working in the industry for over 30 years. He bridges the gap between design and development, transforming simplistic elegant design into pixel-perfect digital media, always embracing new evolutions in the digital space and the ever-evolving web standards.
  • Jessica3

    Jessica Clarke

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  • Joel Cage

    Joel Cage

    Introducing Joel (JC), our creative director with over 15 years of industry experience. Working with renowned brands such as Boots, ASDA, Dulux, Clarks, Howdens and VELUX, our creative leader thrives on conceptualisation and bringing ideas to life.
  • karen hirons

    Karen Hirons

    Introducing Karen, our esteemed operations manager for the CRM team. Karen has been with Diversity for a decade and during this time she has had roles in customer service and accounts. She thrives on the diverse nature of her responsibilities, which keeps her focused and adaptable.
  • laura watson

    Laura Watson

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  • Lucinda2

    Lucinda Batchelor

    Introducing Lucinda (Lu), our senior copywriter who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. With her degree in English and Creative Writing, she crafts tailored tones of voice to align with each brand identity and writes copy for a diverse range of mediums, including emails, leaflets, scripts and social media.
  • marianna forbes

    Marianna Forbes

    Introducing Marianna (Maz), our multi-skilled customer service executive who has been an invaluable member of the team for over 6 years. She’s our first point of call for all of our current and new scheme members and clients, delivering excellent and prompt customer service for our main clientele such as Trustmark, VELUX and Candlestick Press – just to name a few!
  • paul mckeown

    Paul McKeown

    Introducing Paul, our seasoned motion designer and video editor with almost ten years of valuable experience. Throughout his career, he has contributed his expertise to renowned global brands including Disney, ITV and WD-40, among others. Paul’s true passion lies in the art of drawing and creating captivating motion. Witnessing the wows of clients as their brands are brought to life is what motivates him to constantly push the boundaries.
  • Sam Lucas

    Sam Lucas

    Meet Sam, our dedicated account director who has been at Diversity for over ten years. He ensures performance is on point throughout the business. His passion lies in creating solutions through strategic and innovative customer-centric approaches. He thrives on challenges and seeing the positive impact our work has on clients.
  • Seam McCluskey

    Sean McCluskey

    Introducing Sean, our finance and operations director who has been with Diversity nearly a decade. He brings over 30 years of accounting, finance and compliance experience, and is committed to delivering nothing short of excellent customer experiences.
  • Simon Elliott

    Simon Elliott

    Introducing Si, our charismatic managing director who specialises in delivering excellent customer experiences. His areas of expertise include behavioural science, digital strategy and public speaking, which brings a unique perspective to the customer experience landscape.
  • vicki parker

    Vicki Parker

    Introducing Vicki, our digital designer who has been with Diversity for nearly four years. She’s a super organised individual with 12 years of experience in the industry and brings with her a world of creativity, which allows her to effortlessly evolve the creative direction of any brand. Her favourite part of the job is drawing on the Wacom Cintiq where she elevates concepts and manipulates photos.