Copywriting Masterclass Part III: never leave them wanting more

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There are many nuances to copywriting. There are things copywriters know and do instinctively as they jump from brief to brief. And there are things we can all learn.

In this final instalment: headlines that make readers want to keep reading, why you need to apply SEO to your copy and – somewhat poignantly – how to end on the right note.

Headlines that hit the spot

Here’s a slightly disheartening stat – 8 out of 10 read the headline, only 2 out of 10 read the rest.

On social media, headline reading has become a modern phenomenon. You many have even seen headline-only articles on Facebook. People share and comment vehemently, based purely on the headline and their reaction to what they think the story is, never clicking to realise there isn’t one.

Copywriting Masterclass Part III

For headlines that move the reader to the next step, keep it short, but enticing.

Why the poop-a-scoop is a gamechanger

Throw in some humour if you can.

Smile – you never need to pick up another dog poo again!

Could a question draw people in better?

Want to change your life?

Or a quote?

“My life changed overnight”

Play around with ideas on the page.

Pick two or three of strongest. Ask for feedback, then test performance.

Use SEO in your copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial tool when it comes to getting your content seen and targeting your audience effectively.

Before you start writing a blog for example, an SEO strategy will be a useful way of keeping your content focused.

Research relevant keywords and phrases to see where you rank and whether demand is high.

Once you’ve chosen keywords, work them into your meta title, meta description, alt tags, headings and wherever you can in the main copy.

The search engines will reward you with higher visibility.

Copywriting Masterclass Part III - increase your online visibility

Craft your call to action

Good marketing copy captivates the reader and guides them seamlessly along your sales funnel. If you’ve nailed that part, congrats. But take care not to fall at the final hurdle.

The last thing you want is a customer whose interest has been piqued, having to hunt high and low for the next step. They’re going to leave in a huff.

So think very carefully about what it is you want your reader to do.

Is it contact you? Make a purchase?

Have a crystal-clear vision of the desired outcome and make it as easy as possible for them to get there.

For example:

If you want some pizzaz on your next project…

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