Attracting and retaining staff for a meaningful cause

The challenge

CARE4Notts – a local organisation within the NHS – had a great initiative, but it lacked sufficient awareness among potential and existing health and social care staff.  

We were tasked to raise their profile, as well as help train and develop a future workforce for the health and social care system. We did this by making their website the single point of access for their careers that catered to different audience segments across a vast number of roles.  

Our approach

Our first task was to get to know the audience segments by running an immersion session with the CARE4Notts team.  

We then created a full site map and wireframes to ensure the website navigation was user friendly and to ensure excellent customer experiences. A key part of this was the bespoke-coded natural language form. This allowed the audience to identify themselves, so they only saw content that was relevant to them.  

For the look and feel of the website we wanted to deliver something which befitted the health and social care industry.This was achieved through soft but engaging colours and the creation of people illustrations to reference the different people/roles available.  

With a wealth of ever-changing content, it was key that the chosen content management system was user friendly for the Care4Notts team. We used WordPress and developed custom templates so content could be edited and added with ease.

The results

of services staff

A highly relevant individual 

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