Driving loyalty through gamification

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The challenge

For more than 50 years, Betsson have been delivering enjoyable gaming experiences to their users and were eager to show appreciation to their loyal customers by rewarding them. 

Receiving a bonus in the gaming industry can feel nothing out of the ordinary, so we were challenged to overcome this by not only rewarding their customers but igniting excitement in them throughout the process, ensuring they genuinely felt valued.

Our approach

Working as an extension of the Betsson central team, we continually challenged and inspired creative and technological thinking. 

One of the main reasons users enjoy gaming is because there’s the possibility of winning more. To magnify this reason, we chose to gamify the supply of rewards to their active customer database. 

We employed a treasure hunt theme which was designed to create intrigue around the bonuses they could be rewarded with. We provided users with three treasure chests to choose from, engaging them in the opportunity to hand-select their bonus – even though the prize remained unknown! 

Consistent design within the journey was key to delivering a great customer experience, this included emails, landing pages and website messaging. Using the Betsson look and feel, and the concept, we were able to design elements which felt on-brand but unique, culminating in a memorable user experience.

The results

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click-through of 

above industry

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