Transforming spaces into favourite places

The challenge

A global market leader in beautiful roof window products, VELUX wanted to bring their products to life, demonstrating how they ‘transform spaces into favourite places’ for those who live in them.  

Having a longstanding relationship with VELUX, we acted as an extension of their team, managing the end-to-end process of the video production. 

Our approach

Inspired by the difference daylight can make to a home, we developed a look and feel for these stories which would set the tone for all videos produced. 

It was important to get a balance between product promotion and telling the stories of those who live in them. VELUX wanted them to feel real, which is a challenge when working with those who aren’t used to being on camera.  

A combination of genuine narrative and beautiful homes from around the UK, with a ‘little bit’ of hard work, helped to create informative yet beautiful case studies. 

The results

stories produced

hours on set