Unlocking an untapped audience with social media

The challenge

With such a strong brand heritage, many people have heard about 3-IN-ONE through their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, which has created an older and more experienced buyer profile.  

However, it’s the younger generations that lack the confidence and knowledge to complete home repairs and maintenance. Therefore, we set out to create an online presence for 3-IN-ONE with the introduction of social media channels.

Our approach

Our starting point was to understand the younger demographic, and from there it enabled us to profile our new audience. These insights guided our choice of social media platforms, enabling us to connect with individuals who lack confidence in DIY tasks. 

Understanding the usages of each product could be seen as daunting given the vast array of them. To simplify this for the audience, we segmented them into three key content pillars: home, garden and leisure, allowing the younger users to identify relevant products with ease. 

Regular content was created in a variety of formats to attract and maintain engagement, including educational how-tos, top tips and exclusive competitions. 

To amplify our activity and to inspire the audience, we also continue to work with content creators and influencers. Recently, we introduced the 3-IN-ONE Squad which is a group of three core educators for our brand: the Gardening Guru, Queen of DIY and the Legends of Leisure. These content creators serve as familiar faces and mentors, inspiring our audience. 

As with other WD-40 brands, we plan, create and manage social media for 3-IN-ONE on an ongoing basis. 

The results

In the past 2 years we have generated an online presence of over


Reached nearly 

users with our educational content 

Engaged with

users to provide a sense of community