Diversity celebrates birthday milestone

Over the years, Diversity has grown to become one of the region’s most established agencies. As the company enters its third decade, Simon looks back at where the business has come from, the plans for the future, and how the team celebrated Diversity’s 20th birthday…

Back in 1999, Di and Alan Slaney set up a small creative marketing business. Based on Radford Road in Nottingham, Diversity employed just three people.

Fast forward to 2019, and Diversity is now one of the East Midlands’ most established and longest-serving agencies. The company has grown significantly over the years, and 2019 will see a series of events designed to celebrate 20 years of working with clients across Nottingham and beyond.

Over 20 years, we’ve seen great changes in what we do as a business, and our positive and ‘can-do’ attitude has been central to our success. We’re driven to creating amazing experiences and relationships, whether that’s with colleagues, with our clients, or for our clients. And, our approach is designed to embrace continual improvement, with insights at the heart of everything we do.

Our promise is clear: “Excellent customer experiences, designed and delivered.”

Celebrating with the Diversity team

The first of our 20th birthday events was an evening of social activities for the Diversity team. We began with a professional cocktail-making class…

Diversity team 2019

A Cosmopolitan, a Sloe Gin Fizz and a Lynchburg Lemonade later, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We asked everyone to wear a hint of orange to celebrate our brand colours, so look carefully at this photo and you’ll see everything from socks to braces to orange eyes!

Diversity team 2019

And, of course, you can’t celebrate a birthday without a cake…

Diversity birthday cake

We then hosted our Diversity Awards Ceremony where our talented team took home a wide range of gongs, from “Most Likely To Make A Cup Of Tea” to “Worst Phrases and Sayings”.

Diversity 20th dinner

And then it was onwards and outwards into the night (believe me, you don’t want to see those photos).

The main corporate sponsor of The Manor Farm Charitable Trust

In recent years, our work has not just benefited our clients and our staff. Diversity are now the main corporate sponsor of The Manor Farm Charitable Trust; an animal welfare charity set up by our founders Di and Alan Slaney.

Based in north Nottinghamshire, the Trust offers lifelong sanctuary to elderly and disabled livestock. The Trust often takes difficult to rehome animals from other rescue charities and offers them loving care and rehabilitation.

See more about the work of the farm on ITV’s This Morning.



It’s been a pleasure to lead our team and I’m excited about what the future will bring for Diversity. To keep pushing forwards I believe we have to challenge ourselves, and never lose our child-like mindset to always ask: why?

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