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From brevity to verbosity: 4,000 characters for Twitter subscribers

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In 2017, Twitter’s character count went from 140 to 280 to reduce user frustration, saving them time so they didn’t have to edit their tweets so severely.

And while some of us may agree that having to refine and edit a tweet was a good thing, Twitter extended their character count to retain users. But what is the reasoning for extending the character limit for Twitter subscribers to 4,000 characters?

Will these new long-form tweets open up a world of possibilities and monetisation avenues? Here’s how we recommend using the extra characters wisely.

How to ensure engaging and quality Tweets with 4,000 characters

For marketers, it’s important to not lose the knack of effective messaging – it’s still important to reach your target audience and engage them quickly. Whilst having more characters to play with feels like a good thing, it’s now more important than ever to choose your words carefully and maintain some brevity so that you do not reduce the quality of what you share.
Here are some suggestions of how to effectively use the 4,000 characters without losing customer interest:

  • Share more blog content
    – when linking to a company blog,give your followers more than just the blog title. Give them a few paragraphs so they can see for themselves whether it’s worth clicking through to your website.
  • Storytelling
    – not everything needs to be turned into a video, sometimes simple text on paper can tell the best heartfelt stories.
  • Case studies and testimonials
    – sharing unedited customer words can build trust amongst your audience, so if you find some feedback that you think will resonate, share it!
  • Customer interaction
    – interact with customers rather than sending the shortest and most generic reply. Take the time to reply to them, use more characters, make it personalised. When you’re a big brand, reciprocity is everything. Followers feel valued when you take the time to respond to them, and they’re more likely to engage with your posts on a continued basis.

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Our advice to you, use words wisely – just because you’ve been given 4,000 characters, doesn’t mean you have to use them. If a Tweet can be nice and precise, then it should be.

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