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Digital Marketing Academy Leads to Three Month Internship

Diversity recently partnered up with their two local Universities; the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent to help deliver this year’s iteration of the Digital Marketing Academy. The aim is to help students to get a better understanding technical marking skillsets and an experience of agency life, including the work that we undertake. From this great initiative, we already have one student working with us to complete a 3-month internship, as part of his university degree. Here the student in question, Oliver Dykes, talks us through his experience and his Internship with us at Diversity. 

My Digital Marketing Academy Experience

Personally, I was drawn to the Digital Marketing Academy to obtain knowledge from a variety of digital marketing companies in Nottingham, all with their own stories and knowledge within the industry which can help further my skills and employability. I attended the presentation to students back in November at the University of Nottingham. The presentation was conducted by Simon Elliott, Sam Lucas and Alex Mihut, covered SEO and Digital PR. 

Its purpose was to inform students of the types of services that they offer and how they approach their marketing strategy to better help our clients. The presentation was well laid out with marketing facts, figures and supporting insights. Additionally, the Diversity team set out marketing tasks and examples, getting us involved and to start thinking creatively, like a marketing agency would develop strategies for clients and projects.

Following on from the presentations that Diversity and other Nottingham based digital agencies completed. I reached out to Diversity, to help me in my course, where I needed to secure a three-month internship as part of my second year Business Management and Marketing. From this chat Diversity agreed to take me on for three months. This has enabled me to get further insights into agency life and the planning stages that go into understanding a client’s brief and then producing the work for them. 

My time at Diversity

During my time at Diversity, I have been involved in a variety of different marketing aspects, ranging from the use of SEO, setting up the Diversity Website and ensuring that it is fully optimised with the latest SEO updates. Furthermore, I’ve been involved in the Blog creation, social media and the implementation of paid media campaigns in the future, giving me a wide exposure to agency life and the role they play in ensuring that their clients and quality of work come first. 

This internship however was impacted in March by the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. To get around this the business has had to be extremely flexible and for me, I have been in regular contact with Diversity, to ensure that the work continues, and regular calls are needed to update on feedback and progress moving forward. 

From this Internship, it has opened my eyes to the inner workings of an agency, learning various aspects digital marketing skills and the planning, communication, time and effort that goes into ensuring high quality work for clients. For myself it has helped me to gain new skills in the marketing industry which I can apply to my own situations in the future and also helped to shape what I want from a job in the future with Diversity having a friendly, approachable and driven work culture. Combining hard work with teamwork and enjoyment.

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