Is digital advertising viable right now?

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Coronavirus has understandably meant some of our client work has paused or changed, with the longevity and effect over long term performance still very much uncertain. However, with daily downtime generally increased, time spent on our mobiles has also boomed, presenting a potential opportunity for digital advertising.

A potential opportunity?

With restrictions in place across many countries worldwide, our time spent on the internet is soaring. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced, “total messaging across the platform’s services in the last month had increased 50% in countries ravaged by the virus”. Whilst that’s great for the social giant, what’s not so great for them is that spend on their ad platform is crashing…

Facebook Advertising Cost-Per Thousands - Worldwide.

Statistics courtesy of Gupta Media

…but that’s not our problem. We’ve got a bigger audience to reach and less competition. So surely, it’s a no brainer? Well, yes but in the right way.

Opportunity vs consideration

The current pandemic has caused great travesty and left many in uncertain circumstances. This means purchasing of certain products and services, isn’t going to be at the top of their agenda. Unless your product is food, drink, gym equipment, DIY related or any other necessities or trending products. Undoubtedly, this is also going to mean we are more cautious and considered in our purchases. 

Consequently, put conversion to one side and consider focusing on the top of the purchasing funnel; building awareness. Our objectives with some of our clients is to increase awareness of their brand, products or services now. So, when the purchase is required, in or out of lockdown, their brand is going to be considered. 

Relate to your audience

This pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, and brands should recognise this. If your brand can help or support them, make your messaging and creative output do this. What you should consider…

Does your brand have the ability to help others out?

Can you provide information which will help inform?

And show what you’re doing to help

Plus, you want to be creative, here’s a few of our favourite executions…

Guinness Advert

Originally only a concept by a creative freelancer, Guinness have now pushed it on their social channels (Source: Twitter)

Stella Artois showing their compassion in a creative and relevant way to their brand 

Netflix Spolier Adverts
Netflix Spolier Adverts

Whilst Netflix have confirmed they aren’t real ads, we thought the creativity to enforce the ‘stay home’ message was outstanding 
(Source: Twitter)

We recognise you may not have the budgets of the big hitters mentioned above but it doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. 

With all this in mind, the challenge of when to launch a paid campaign is still a puzzle, with no clear end in sight from restrictions. Although through educated assumptions, and the ability to pause paid media whenever we want, the opportunity is certainly an intriguing one.

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