5 ways you can connect to Generation Z on Twitter

6 March – 2018

Baby boomers, Generation Y, millennials – all of these groups are targets for brands. But, with Forbes estimating that Generation Z (people born after 1995) have an estimated $44 billion in purchasing power, this group offers a massive opportunity.

But how do you communicate with Generation Z on Twitter? We share the latest research about how you speak to younger customers and how to incorporate these insights into your social media strategy.

Create a two-way conversation

A survey by AdReaction found that the under-23s are more positive towards those brands that allow them to interact. Generation Z like brands who let them vote, make a decision, or otherwise do something.

Asking questions, running contests, and encouraging your customers to share their thoughts and feedback is a great way to build engagement.

Keep the conversation going

Social media is not a one-way street. Develop a customer service strategy so you can interact with your customers.

Having engaged with a brand, 47% of Generation Z said that they were not satisfied or neutral about the response they received, or that they didn’t get a response at all.

Thank customers when they share content, repost mentions, and become the brand that younger people remember for great service.

Get them involved in creating products

A National Retail Federation study of 15,600 Generation Z customers found that just under half were keen to submit product ideas.

Companies such as Sky Bet and Paddy Power have pioneered betting services where punters can request a specific bet. Getting your customers to speak to you and to suggest product ideas or customisation paths encourages collaboration.

Use videos and images

Forbes reports that younger customers watch more than two hours of online video every day.

Considering that just under half (44%) of Generation Z customers also look at photos, it’s clear that using visuals (images, memes and infographics) is key to success.

Show real people

63% of Generation Z want to see real people in advertising

Deep Focus found that almost two-thirds (63%) of Generation Z want to see real people in advertising.

So, make sure you use people in your content. Influencers such as brand ambassadors help Gen Z to connect, while short videos from customers and an inside look behind your brand can build rapport.

Speak to them often

Perhaps unsurprisingly, younger people use social media more often than others. They visit platforms lots of times a day, and so it’s important to capture their attention at all times.

Social media platforms offer analytics to help you find the right times to post.