The new Google Marketing Platform – what you need to know

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This week, Google has revamped its ad-tech suite and announced the new Google Marketing Platform. Put simply, Google are introducing simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

These new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses. It’s both good for us as an agency, and good for our clients as it will be even easier to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and the right experiences for consumers across devices and channels.

Google Marketing Platform

Here, Google will unify its DoubleClick products and Google Analytics 360 Suite under the Google Marketing Platform. It builds on existing integrations between the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick advertiser products.

Google Marketing Platform will host a number of its products, namely Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360 and Tag Manager 360. Small businesses will be able to benefit from a simpler, trimmed-back version.

Under the new Google Marketing Platform, DoubleClick Search will now become Search Ads 360. This tool will continue to allow users to plan, buy and measure search campaigns. Google is also introducing Video & Display 360; a tool which will allow users to manage campaigns across display, video, TV, audio, and other channels, all in one place.

In addition, the new Integration Centre will help users to discover and easily set up valuable connections between products. It also supports over 100 integrations with exchanges, measurement solutions, and other technology providers. This means it becomes easier for us to help our clients choose what and how to buy, and how to measure it.

Bringing the different advertising methods together will allow us to manage campaigns in one place. As well as saving time, this will make it easier to plan and spend across different channels. It will also make it easier to view and analyse results and re-plan accordingly. And, clients can access all these insights with one simple login.

Google Ads

Now it is 18 years old, Google has decided to rebrand Google AdWords as Google Ads. The company hopes this will bring together more opportunities for users to reach consumers because it will bring together advertising opportunities across their other partner sites and apps. This will include Search, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play.

These changes will make it easier for businesses and consumers to connect, at the relevant time and in more places. It makes it easier for us to put our clients in front of their end users. And, instead of buying a specific type of behaviour (desktop viewer, mobile viewer, etc.), Google’s system will allocate advertising spend across platforms based on the consumers our clients are trying to reach.

Google Ad Manager

The new Google Ad Manager brings DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange together under a new name.

The Google Ad Manager name will be reflected across the existing DoubleClick UI. However, smaller websites will continue to use AdSense, which lets advertisers place small ads on their sites. Mobile app developers will continue to use AdMob, which lets them earn money from mobile ads in their apps.

As a buyer for our clients, Google Ad Manager will give us a single platform for delivering, measuring and optimising ads wherever their audience is engaging. This includes connected TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), mobile games and other apps, as well as platforms like YouTube and Apple News.

More coming in July

This is what we know so far. However, if like us you want to know more, Google will be holding a webinar on 10 July 2018 at 5pm. You can sign up here. Or, head back to our Insights page in a couple of weeks for us to fill you in.

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