Top 5 quick tips for improving your emails – Part 2 of 5

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Sam Lucas

Yesterday we released part one of our quick ‘Top 5’ tips to improving the emails you send. Today Si talks us through tip number 2; how to make sure you are not ignored by your customers.

You’re a swipe away from being ignored

Once we know who is likely to want our communications, the next big challenge is getting stand-out in the inbox.

61.9% of emails are opened on a mobile device*, and we know that our smartphones want to help us be as efficient as possible. Email apps have now made it easier than ever to wade through the sea of information, to get to the emails we really want. So what has this left us with? Well, in short a Tinder-esque email inbox, where if you don’t grab my attention in the first couple of seconds, you’re swiped left and into the bin.

You need to spend the time ensuring that your subject line and preview text capture attention, create intrigue and stop that hovering finger from swiping you away.

73% of people stated the subject line influences their decision on opening an email*

People spend time crafting great email copy, but often subject line is an afterthought, something that is cobbled together at the end before hitting send. That’s before considering the all-important preview text. Meaning many emails are sent with ‘Having trouble viewing this email’ ‘View in web browser’ and other uninspiring previews. Although I open and interact with a lot of Campaign’s emails, it’s not based on being hooked by the subject line and preview in my inbox.

Campaign's emails lacking engaging preview text

Think of your customer’s email journey, understand the fact they may be clearing their cluttered inbox, mid-way through checking social and before replying to that WhatsApp. To get opened you need a well crafted subject line and preview. Invest the time in getting your ‘Tinder bio’ just right, for that all important swipe.

Make sure your subject line is concise, and has a hook. Grab your contact’s attention, and use the preview text to build on this. Even better, include some personalisation into the subject line to let the recipient know you’re writing to them personally.

Sainsbury’s did a great job of this at the weekend when I signed up to SmartShop.

Sainsbury's personalisation of email subject line and preview text

Check back on Tuesday for tip number 3. In the meantime, enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

*Source – Twilio SendGrid 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study.

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