Top 5 quick tips for improving your emails – Part 3 of 5

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Sam Lucas

We hope you had a lovely sunny bank holiday. Now we’re back in the office after the long weekend, today we’re sharing tip number 3 of 5 to help improve the emails you send; how to resonate with your audience .

Communicate with me, don’t sell to me

Now, more than ever, is the time to communicate with me. Times are unusual, the world is changing and in a state of flux. It would be unreasonable to expect that how we were interacting back in January will now be the case.

The brands that I will remember, and relate to, are those who invest time and effort in providing me relevant content.

We’ve seen many of our clients move away from the transactional and brand based communications, to look to support their audience.  Whether this is collating and sharing interesting wellness content, or providing additional support through free or improved benefits, it goes to show the brand cares about what you’re currently going through.

The example below does just this. Blume sell self-care products but realise there are times where you need to connect with your audience.


Of course, there are still many businesses who can continue to provide great products and services, and should do during these times. But, be mindful of how you engage and communicate, and focus on supporting your community, as when this is all done that’s what is remembered, and builds long term brand advocacy.

Tune in tomorrow for tip number 4.

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