Top 5 quick tips for improving your emails – Part 4 of 5

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Today Si is sharing tip number 4 with us. Showing how important personalisation for an increasingly busy marketing channel.

Keep it personal

Email was created as a one-to-one communication. Over time we’ve morphed our use of email to include marketing communications, and send out to larger audiences. However, we need to meet the expectation of consumers, and ensure we deliver the experience they demand.

If you have my email address, it is because I have chosen to share it with you. Whether it was to sign up to an e-newsletter, as part of a transaction, or to ‘join’ your business, I have given you my personal details. Over recent years our personal information and data has become a large part of the conversation with consumers. GDPR and Netflix shows like The Great Hack have increased people’s understanding, and sensitivity, around the value of their personal information.

So if I have chosen to engage with you and your brand, and let you have my personal information, I expect you to treat me as an individual. This doesn’t mean consumers expect brands to send every email personally, but a lack of consideration to tailoring the communication to me suggests you don’t place the same value on my contact details as I do.

There is no excuse to not include simple personalisation, that shows you know who I am. This can be in subject lines, within the greeting and delivering content you know I will like. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. If you know I’ve bought men’s shoes from you in the past, don’t send me an email leading with images of ladies shoes.

61% of consumers say that they are loyal to brands that tailor experiences to their needs and preferences**

80% of consumers indicate they are more like to do business with a company if it offers them a personalised experience**

The best performing emails will go even deeper, building on a genuine understanding of our relationship to tailor my variant of the email to be as accurate as possible for me. However, if this complexity feels a step too far, start with the simple things and build up you personalisation over time. You never know, one day you may be able to send campaigns as personalised as Netflix!

Netflix's email showing great personalisation

Join us tomorrow for our last tip to improving your emails.

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